Beatdowns On Bowery Street


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Jasmine Rose Fuentes
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Jasmine Rose Fuentes LoFi mutha fckin militant edge. Kicks so much druglord tookus IN YO FACEEE
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Money from record sales for this album go towards getting Jake out of prison.



released May 31, 2011

Alan - Vocals
Mack - Guitar
Brandon - Drums
Jake - Bass

xJVx Crowbar Crew - Gang Vocals



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xJUSTIFIED VIOLENCEx Frostburg, Maryland

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Track Name: Justified Violence
We're bringing back clean living, from here to the CMD.
We're not leaving until bones break, and it's too late to escape.
Track Name: Date Rape
Fuck you, scumbag,
you can't get laid
unless you slip drugs in her drink.

Fuck you, you suck.
You can't make friends
unless you're laying on your back.

Fuck you,
straight edge.
Track Name: Neckbrace
Some chumps are only edge til they turn 21,
but I am not afraid to walk this path alone.

They claim for a week,
then drink because they're weak.
but I am not afraid to walk this path alone.

When I'm the last one standing
I'll spit on the graves
of every jaded dweeb
that died of lung cancer.
This isn't a fucking club.
This isn't a fucking fad.
This is a fucking war,
and you're the next casualty.

Edgebreak = Neckbrace.

Fuck you.
You say it's just a phase?
You say it's just a game?
You say straight edge is lame?
A broken neck for a broken edge,
fuck you.
Track Name: Beatdowns On Bowery Street
2 a.m. on a friday night.
Beerpong tables litter the streets.
I'm busting heads and walking a straight line,
noone's safe past Giuseppe's.

A tube sock full of nickles,
to slam into your jaw.
we're taking this street back.

We know where you live,
you fucking college kids.
We know where you're at.
I've got a baseball bat.
Track Name: TKO
You say you need a glass of wine to unwind?
How 'bout a nice tall glass of shut the fuck up?!
Come over here and say it to my face.
Can't walk a straight line, let alone the straight edge.

You say you need a cigarette to calm down
or you'll pace all night 'cause of the stress at your job?
Well, I've got something that'll lay you on your ass.
One right cross and you'll be sleeping like a fucking baby.
Track Name: xMxDxSxEx
Break my fucking knuckles on your fucking face,
you judge me for what I don't do,
this is me judging you.
fuck you.